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Results of Righteousness

Scripture Reading. Matt. 5:1-12

Hope that you took the time to look up the Beatitudes and observe the results of practicing them. There are two triads each followed by a blessing that is connected to righteousness.

But what are they actually? To be poor in spirit is to be humble. To mourn is to grieve over sin and the burdens of others. To be meek is to not seek vengeance even though you are right or has the power to avenge. To be Merciful is to be forgiving and pardoning. To be Pure in heart is to be Holy in thinking and attitude as well as motive. To be a Peacemaker is to avoid strife.

These are hard things for the natural man to do. They can only be accomplished by hungering after righteousness which will make you follow the Lord, your Shepherd, who leads in paths of righteousness.

Remember there are present and future rewards or blessings for living this way.

MY PRAYER: Father, help us to come to that place in our lives. Make us sensitive towards righteousness that we might experience the abiding life in Christ and be Blessed people


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