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Importance of Exercise

1 Timothy 4:1 - 8

As this devotional is being written it is mid May 2020 and people all over the world are gradually coming out of a forced lockdown due the Coronavirus pandemic. As a result of the lockdowns many of us have not been able to exercise for a while and it is starting to show. While the public health officials are talking about ‘Flattening the Curve’ many of us over the past weeks have been ‘Fattening the Curve’!

We see how important physical exercise is. However, the Bible tells us in 1 Timothy 1:8 that bodily (physical) exercise profits only a little. What is more important is exercising ourselves unto Godliness.

For those who engage in physical exercise there are some things we can learn that would help us as we seek to exercise ourselves to Godliness. Exercise requires

1. Discipline – to have a successful exercise program we need to discipline ourselves to do the right things constantly at the right times. Without discipline we don’t get the consistent growth and benefit required.

2. Effort – We all know that to complete a physical exercise requires effort. Whether it is to lift that weight, run that extra mile or complete a program requires great exertion. Similarly to achieve Godliness we have to make a great effort to do what God wants e.g. praying, reading the Bible or being involved in ministry. Effort is required

3. Perseverance – Many of us know the feeling of wanting to just stop when we are in the midst of an exercise. Why push my body any further? Why not just give myself a break and stop? But we know that to get the benefit we have to persevere to the end and complete the process. In our Christian lives we can’t give up or we will lose what we have gained and what we are trying to achieve for God.

Let us follow the above guidelines and exercise ourselves, building up ourselves, in Godliness.

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