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Called, Chosen and Faithful

Revelation 17:14

It is one thing to be accepted and another to be approved by God. The Book of Revelation here speaks of triumph of the Lamb of God, but the Lamb has an army of disciples through whom He fights His battles and overcomes. The disciples are called, chosen and faithful. Many are called, fewer chosen, fewer still are faithful.

The faithful are the overcomers, they are the disciples of Jesus Christ who have not only accepted by God, but have been tested by Him through many circumstances and been approved by Him.

We see this exhibited in Jesus' time on earth as many believed or followed Him in great multitudes(Matt 19:2). Out of the many we see Jesus choosing only a few with the twelve (Luke 6:13-16) or the seventy (Luke 10:1). Then there are the three disciples who were eye witnesses of His majesty (Matt 17:1-9). These represent those who press toward the mark, they are the overcomers, rewarded with God's certificate of approval. Not many who followed Jesus qualify for inclusion in the inner circle.


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