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About us

Grace Bible Church has been blessed to serve in Barbados for over 50 years. Founded in 1967 in the home of a missionary, the church has grown and has been involved in God's work across the globe.

The Grace Bible Church was formally started in 1967 in Hall's Gap, Navy Gardens. Since then, two more Grace Bible Churches have been founded while we have joined in fellowship with another, the Berean Baptist Bible Church.

Caribbean Global Missions

Caribbean Global Missions (CGM), was founded with the vision of enabling people and churches to carry out the great commission.

African Ministries

The church has been blessed and privileged to play a role in the founding and continued growth of churches across several African nations. The first of these churches was started in Kadoma, Zimbabwe, later spreading across the country and into Mozambique, Malawi, Rwanda and Burundi.

Kindergarten School

The school was started with the objective of providing an affordable, high quality christian education to children from the surrounding areas. The initial hope was to have a school that covered kindergarten through to secondary education, but God has seen fit to limit this to just the kindergarten school. Through this ministry, the lives of many have been touched, whether as students or family, by the love, care and guidance provided by the teachers both academically and spritually. 


Pastor Naitram was ordained on May 27th, 1972 and has since been involved in various ministries. Having initially taken up the role pastoring in his home church, he spent some time working with churches in other Caribbean islands before returning home with his young family where he has been ever since.

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