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There Is A Purpose

There is a purpose - 1 Kings 18: 1 -19

Throughout the Bible there are examples of persons placed in strategic positions by God so that they could facilitate some specific plan of His. Whether it be Joseph, Daniel, Esther or, in the case of today’s reading, Obadiah, God always has His people in the right place at the right time. Although an apparent righteous man who ‘feared God from his youth’ Obadiah was able to rise up the ranks to become the number 2 man in wicked King Ahab’s administration.

So when Ahab started his campaign to eliminate the true prophets of God, Obadiah was perfectly placed to round up 100 of them and hide them by 50 in a cave where he provided for their protection and provision.

Most of us don’t work in positions of power like Obadiah or the others mentioned and we often wonder why we are working the place we are. We can be guaranteed that if we are seeking to do God’s will then he has us at that particular place for a particular purpose and, maybe, for a particular time, to fulfil some plan of His.

May you be encouraged as you go about your work today that it is not a purposeless exercise; God has a plan that depends on you being where you are today!

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