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Heed God’s Word

Heed God’s Word – 1 Chronicles 10

If you are reading through the book of 1st Chronicles and you started at Chapter 1 then by the time you get to Chapter 10, like me, you are probably thinking to yourself “Phew! Finally I have made it past all those names and genealogies! Now I can get to reading something more interesting”.

And then we come to chapter 10. Here we see the story of the ending of Saul and a summary of his life. Yes it may be more interesting but it is certainly not pleasant reading. We are told that Saul met his inglorious end because he did not heed the word of God and to make matters worse, sought counsel from a medium (witch) which God had said should never be done. Perhaps Saul thought that God’s word wasn’t ‘interesting’ enough and so he could just ignore it.

My friend the word of God is exactly that, God’s words. Every single word is for our benefit and must be heeded. Yes, even the long lists of names and genealogies.

Let us purpose to heed and obey every single word of God in our lives today.

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